Nieuws The collection of Novicii is going to be supplemented twice a year. Below you can take a look at our latest designs. Home Nºvicii….. Ad tempus vitae. Novicii….. jewelry for life! Since 1995 Novicii makes handmade titanium/gold jewelry for people who are looking for unique, timeless, wearable and innovative design. The designs vary from ornate to sleek. The collection consists of 5 different Lines : Novicii-Classics                                                                                      Novicii-Organics                                                                                      Novicii-Treasures                                                                                      Novicii-Crystals                                                                                      Novicii-True Colors Titanium is always the basic material from which the design is created. Titanium is hypoallergenic and carbide. So a challenge for us to make a soft graceful ornament. The collection now consists of more than 300 items, and is still growing. After all these years we still have pleasure in making jewelry that people are happy wearing. Who knows our next ornament wil be for you, for life. Copyright © 2011 All photographs on this website remain the property of Novicii.